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Pioneer West Museum

204 N. Madden St., Shamrock, TX
Phone: 806-256-3941

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The old Reynolds Hotel is now the Pioneer West Museum in Shamrock, Texas. Built in the late 1920 the hotels 20 or so rooms hold the communities history, including Plains Indian culture cowboy life and farming all brought to life in the form of the artifacts donated by local citizens.

The hotel was named after its founding owner local attorney Marion Reynolds. It is located at 204 N. Madden St. The hotel closed in 1975 and after some renovation the museum opened in 1978.

x This ca. 1934 restored Magnolia Station is located at E 2nd St.& N. Madden St. Notice the vintage gravity gas pumps. It's not right on historic Route 66, but it's well worth spending the time to visit.

x There is a large Magnolia Gasoline sign out front. I don't know how big this actually is, but I'd guess it's about 3+ feet across. Two of the gas pumps are topped by Mobilgas globes and and one has a Magnolia Gasoline globe.

x This 1910 home was the residence of Dr. B. A. Zeigler, it is now a part of the Pioneer West Museum. It is located across the street from the main Pioneer West Museum building at 204 N. Madden St. This is also the home of the Shamrock Genealogical Society.

x This building next to the Doctors house is used to display vintage farm equipment.

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