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Grants, NM

Grants is about 78 miles west of Albuquerque and was bypassed by I-40 in the 1970s. Santa Fe Avenue is the original alignment of Route 66 here.
x1960s TraveLodge Building
1204 E. Santa Fe
This was a TraveLodge until the mid-80s at least. Sean Penn starred in the 2003 movie 21 Grams in which the motel ... read more
xHistoric Rt 66 (Western Host) Motel
1150 E. Santa Fe
The 1950s Western Host Motel featured 50 air-conditioned rooms. New owners in 2015 started renovations ... read more
x Franciscan Lodge
1101 E Santa Fe Ave.`
The neon sign with its very cool arrow over the front door beckoned travelers to stop for a nights rest in this 1950s ... read more
x South West Motel
1000 E. Santa Fe Ave.
The former Lariat Lodge started life in the late 1950's. Along the way it was also known as the South West Lodge for a time ... read more
xSands Motel and Sign
112 McArthur St
The sign is on Santa Fe but the motel itself is 1/2 block north on McArthur St. ... read more
x Grants Cafe Sign - Gone
920 E. Santa Fe Ave.
The Grants Cafe sign stood guard over a parking lot next to the Sailfish Lounge building. The sign was ... read more
x Wayside Motel
923 E. Santa Fe Ave.
The sign still hangs out front on the Wayside Motel Building across the street from the Grants Cafe. Only the office building l ... read more
x West Theater
118 W. Santa Fe. Ave.
Built in 1959 the West has seen its ups and downs, but the very neat sign still hangs out front ... read more
x Roaring 20's SpeakEasy
218 W. Santa Fe Ave. at 3rd St.
Check out the sign from the now gone Roarin' 20s! SpeakEasy. The sign came from the former Roarin' 20s in .... read more
x Pat's Lounge
304 W. Santa Fe Ave.
I like the tall neon sign and tile work that adorns the front of Pats Lounge, maybe a nice photo op ... read more
x1920s Church Building
422 W. Santa Fe Ave.
This former church has been standing on the Mother Road since the 1920s. It's done time as a church, theater, coffee house and ... read more
xHub of History Sculpture
500 W. Santa Fe Ave.
This cool sculpture featuring a large Zia is in the park next to the San Jose Rio. The Zia is the New Mexico state ... read more
xUranium Cafe
519 W. Santa Fe
The Uranium Cafe had formerly been The Golden 50's Cafe. The neon sign ... read more
xRoute 66 Neon Drive Thru
620 W. Santa Fe Ave.
Right next to the Hub of History park is the Route 66 Neon Drive Thru. Makes a cool photo opportunity! ... read more
xMonte Carlo Restaurant
721 - Santa Fe
Escolastico Mazon founded the Monte Carlo Restaurant in the late 1940s and operated the former cafe for ... read more
x Lux Theatre
1018 W. Santa Fe Ave.
The original theatre opened in the late 1920s and closed in 1930. It reopened as the Lux Theatre in 1937 ... read more
x Hollywood Drive in Diner
1023 W. Santa Fe Ave.
You can still read the name on the sign atop the 1955 Hollywood Cafe. Lettering on the sign ... read more
xCharlie's Radiator Service & Star Cafe
1308-1310 W Santa Fe Ave.
Charlie opened his Automotive Service in 1943 with two gas pumps, a garage and a body repair service ... read more
x Los Alamitos Motel Sign
1322 (?) W. Santa Fe Ave. at Acoma Street.
Next to Charlie's was the Los Alamitos Motel, it's long gone, but the remnants of it's neon sign were still there in ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.