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Lux Movie Theatre

1018 W. Santa Fe Ave., Grants, NM

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The original theatre here opened along side Route 66 in Grants in the late 1920s and closed in 1930. It reopened as the Lux Theatre in 1937. J.C. West bought the Lux from C.E. Means in 1950 and might have closed it for a time in the mid 1960s. In January 1967 the theater reopened after being remodeled. A furnace fire in 1970 led to it's closing.

x The sign for the LUX still retained much of it's neon tubing when this photo was taken in 2009. Note the pattern of the tubing between the letters. Lux means light in the Greek language. Various reports list the theater as having between 450 and 518 seats.

Photo(s): 2009

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