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Historic Route 66 (Western Host) Motel

1150 E. Santa Fe, Grants, NM

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The 1950s Western Host Motel featured 50 air-conditioned rooms. New owners in 2015 worked to restore the motel and restaurant to operating condition with the help of an the NPS grant.

xCheck out the neat vintage railings and grill work on the second floor.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

1950s Postcard
Western Host Motel
East Highway 66
Grants, New Mexico
Phone AT 7-xxxx
50 Units - Completely Modern - Wall to Wall Carpeting - Panel ray Heat - Phones in all rooms - Air Conditioned - Heated Swimming Pool - TV - Combination Tub & Shower in all Rooms.
Grants Newest

1970s Postcard
Western Host Motel
1150 E. Santa Fe
Grants, NM 87020
Air Conditioned - Color Cable T.V. - Phones - And All Modern Conveniences - 50 Units - Heated Swimming Pool & Combination Tub & Shower In All Rooms.

Note: Judging by the cars in the parking lot these two postcards were at 12 years or so apart and the only big change was the change to color cable TV. That was actually a pretty big change if the cable system offered more channels.


Photo(s): 2015



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