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Flagstaff, AZ

There are a lot of vintage motels in Flagstaff so we've picked out a few of the older ones for this page.
Museum Club
3404 E. Route 66
Taxidermist Dean Eldredge built a log cabin and opened it in 1931 to display his hunting trophies. In 1936 it became a nightclub ... read more
xMiz Zip's Cafe
2924 Historic Route 66
Miz Zip's has been a long time favorite of Route 66 travelers for decades. The sign features a huge burger and pie ... read more

Side trip:
Downtown, Turn north on San Francisco St. one block then west one block on east Aspen Ave.

xHotel Monte Vista
100 N. San Francisco St.
This hotel has been here since opening in 1927. The V shaped sign on the roof can be seen from Route 66 a block away ... read more
xWeatherford Hotel
23 N. Leroux St.
Over the years this grand building has been a hotel, a residential facility, a hostel and back to being a hotel ... read more

Back on 66:
Turn south on Leroux one block to Route 66, then turn east.

xBank Hotel Bldg.
Route 66
After Thomas McMillan bought this building in 1888 his first tenants were a bank and a hotel. In 1892 the hotel became a ... read more
xAmtrak Station
1 E. Route 66
The 1926 Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company Depot and Visitor Center and Amtrak station sits ... read more

Pre 1937 alignment: Turn south on San Francisco St. One block to E. Phoenix and turn west.

1890 Flagstaff Lumber Building
5 S San Francisco St.
Since this photo was taken in the spring of 2013 a mural has been completed on the side of the building ... read more
xDowntowner Motel
19 S. San Francisco St.
The Grand Canyon International Hostel occupies the former 1920s Downtowner Auto Court... read more
x Jesus Garcia's Tourist Home
46 S. San Francisco St.
This 1926 former boarding house was built to house Basque sheepherders from the several ... read more
xSierra Vista Motel
9 E Phoenix Ave.
The red Coconino sandstone Sierra Vista Motel opened on May 19, 1937, it seems to be long term residential apartments now ... read more
xMotel DuBeau
19 W. Phoenix Ave.
This motel was built in 1929 on the corner of Beaver Street and Phoenix Ave. on the original alignment of ... read more
x B & M Auto Camp
100 S Mikes Pike 
After tourist cabins were built behind the 1896 McGonigle house about 1929 it became ... read more
x Double Circle Garage
204 Mike's Pike,
The 1926 Double Cirle Garage originally had a canopy projecting from the center of the building covering a drive service lane ... read more

Back on 1926 Alignment:
Follow E. Phoenix west to Mike's Pike and turn SW to S. Milton (1926 Route 66), turn south (left) and follow signs to westbound 66..

xSaga Budget Host Inn
820 W. Route 66
The Budget Host Saga Motel is located at 820 W. Route 66 and was formerly simply the Saga Motel ... read more
xGalaxy Diner
931 W. Route 66
A modern retro style diner offering pretty much the normal menu for a modern retro diner. A fun stop for a burger ... read more
xWoody Mountain Campground
2727 W Route 66
This campground and RV Park is across the street from the site of the old Pine Springs Truck Stop ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.