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Double Circle Garage

204 Mike's Pike, Flagstaff, AZ

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The 1926 Double Circle Garage originally had a canopy projecting from the center of the building covering a drive through service lane. At the front of the canopy was a pump island that contained two visible gas pumps. A ca:1938 photo showed signage announced "Established 1926, Today, same management and mechanics". F. C. Chiapeti was the original owner operator of the garage and was later joined by his younger brothers. F. C. retired in 1960 and his brothers continued to operate the business until it was sold in 1968.

In the 70s this was the C & M Garage and in the late 80s it became 5 Corners Muffler & Auto Electric, by 1995 it was Economy Auto and in 2019 it was Auto Restore

x The Rio De Flag runs in a channel covered by Mike's Pike at this point.

A 1943 newspaper clipping listed the Double Circle Garage as a new dealer for John Deere Tractors and Farm Equipment offering complete parts and repairs. Fern Chiapetti.

Photo(s): 2019



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