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Lupton to Allentown, AZ

Welcome to Lupton Arizona! These first three landmarks are arranged as if you took NM Hwy 118 out of Gallup. If you took I-40 and got off at Exit 359 you come to Chief Yellowhorse Trading Post first.
xTomahawk Indian Store
North Frontage Road, I-40, exit 359
The sign says this is the biggest teepee in the southwest, well it is 60 feet tall and packed full of interesting stuff ... read more
xChief Yellowhorse Trading Post
North Frontage Road, I-40 Exit 359
Chief Yellowhorse, a Navajo Indian, bought the Old Miller Trading Post and changed the name to ... read more
xOrtega's Indian Market
Located on the south frontage Road for I-40, at exit 359 This one time busy trading post is closed and now just a cool photo op ... read more
xLittle Post Office Sanctuary
South Frontage Road, Lupton, A
The Little Post Office Sanctuary building is a bit of a mystery. The sign on the front says it was, a church but the name is kind of ... read more
xScotty's Garage
35850 South Frontage Road
Scotty's Garage & 24 Hr Towing has been in business since 1976 ... read more

Twin Tunnels
Under I-40, Lupton, AZ
To get to the twin tunnels under I-40 take the south frontage road about 5.3 miles west from ... read more

is located at I-4- exit 351. From 1926 to 1931 historic Route 66 went through Allentown.

xOretega's Indian City Arts
I-40 exit 354
Indian City Arts and Crafts Center is two stores high has a restaurant and sells typical tourist goods ... read more
xChee's Indian Store
I-40 exit 354
Chee's Indian Store was established in 1948 on old Route 66. With the construction of I-40 in 1970 the original ... read more

Side Trip:
At I-40 exit 351 go south on Apache Cty Road 9402 about 6/10 of a mile to the Rio Puerco River.

x1923 Allentown Bridge
South of exit 351 on Apache Cty Road 9402
This old closed 1923 Rio Puerco bridge is on the 1926 to 1931 alignment of Route 66 and was part of the National Old ... read more

Back on 66:
Backtrack to Exit 351.

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.