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1923 Allentown Bridge

Apache Cty Road 9402, Allentown

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The 1923 Allentown bridge over the Rio Puerco is located just off I-40, exit 351 on Apache Cty Road 9402. This bridge was part of the National Old Trails Highway and later Route 66 carrying mainline traffic until 1931. The photo above is from the north side of the river bed.

GPS: 35.28061, -109.15514

x There are signs at both ends of the bridge saying "No Pedestrian Traffic", so apparently the authorities feel the bridge is to unsafe to even walk on. These photos were taken from opposite ends of the bridge and show the different terrain around it.

xThe timber deck was supported by steel I-bearn stringers and flanked by steel lattice guardrails. The bridge spans 206 feet in total with the longest span being 90 feet. The deck width is only 15.2 feet. So a couple of modern 8'-6" wide motorhomes would never make it across the bridge at the same time. Before the bridge was built the only way to cross the river was to just drive through the water, which often meant waiting a day or so for the water to go down after a storm.

The now closed bridge was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1988.


Photo(s): 2012



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