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Glenrio, NM

Glenrio is half in TX and half in NM. This is Glenrio going from the NM state line. This is as close as you're going to get to a true "Ghost Town" on the Mother Road. Glenrio straddles the state line and still attracts visitors.
Stateline Bar, Station & Motel
Route 66, Glenrio, NM
These are two of the oldest commercial buildings still standing in Glenrio. The post office addition is from the 1940s ... read more
Boyles Mobil Gas Station
Route 66, Glenrio, NM
This 1925 gas station is the oldest surviving commercial building in town ... read more
Angel House
Route 66
This house stands back from the road and is a bit hard to spot because of foliage. Built in 1910 it is the oldest building still standing in town ... read more
Ferguson Gas Station
Route 66
This building stands on the west edge of town. Some sources list it as a former Post Office ... read more
x1926-1952 Alignment
West of Glemrio
Stay left at this wye in the road and head for Endee and San Jon. The abandoned alignment on the right was the ... read more

Note: Going west from Glenrio you have a choice. In good dry weather taking the dirt road west takes you past the ruins at Endee and on to San Jon. In less good weather returning to I-40 and heading west will take you to Russell's Travel Center at exit 369 and on to San Jon to at Hwy 93.

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