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Peach Springs, AZ

Peach Springs on the Hualapai Reservation is the headquarters for the Hualapai people.
xHualapai Lodge
900 Route 66
This is a motel, cafe, gift shop and the place you buy a permit to drive down to the Colorado River or a river rafting ticket.
xO. Osterman's Gas Station & Grocery
Route 66
Oscar Osterman's Shell and Grocery is housed in a 1932 building. Osterman also built a set of tourist ... read more
xOld Garage
869 Route 66
The 2012 Route 66 in AZ Survey lists this building as a B.I.A maintenance shop. It appeared abandoned in ... read more

xJ. Osterman's Gas Station
865 Route 66
The 2012 Route 66 in AZ Survey this is the original John Osterman's Gas Station ... read more
xPeach Springs Trading Post
863 Route 66
The Hualapai Tribal Forestry Department now occupies the old Peach Springs Trading Post building ... read more

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