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Mesalands Dinosaur Museum

222 E. Laughlin St., Tucumcari, NM
Phone: 575-461-3466 Website

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If you are traveling with kids, or grown-ups that haven't, this is probably a must stop attraction! . The museum is sponsored by the Mesalands Community College which has an active Paleontology department.

The hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM
The museum is closed on Sunday and Monday

The Mesalands Dinosaur Museum is located at the intersection of Laughlin Avenue and Adams St., that is 2 blocks north of Route 66 and, just one block south of the Tucumcari History Museum on Adams.
GPS: 35.173715, -103.724013

xThis is a museum where you can actually touch some of the stuff without getting scolded or thrown out by the staff! Not everything of course, but enough to really add to the fun, especially if you're young, or at least "young at heart" as they say. Look, right there on the sign it says " Touch a Triceratops"!

xYou know how when you go to the beach you leave footprints in the wet sand, well about 145 million years ago or so, a dainty little dino named Apatosaurus left his footprint along the shore of a Jurassic lake. OK, if your feet are this big, you probably aren't "dainty". How big is it, well at least 10 grownups can sit around the edge and dangle the feet inside it. This is another touchable, at least it was when we were there!

xOK, this little guy isn't touchable, but he is 40 feet long! He's dinosaur, of course he's huge! Besides the great exhibits there is an interactive area for kids to "discover" bones.

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