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Tucumcari Historical Museum

416 S. Adams St., Tucumcari, NM
Phone: 575-461-4201 Website

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The Tucumcari Historical Museum is housed in the original 1903 schoolhouse. The museum is like one giant attic full of old stuff, from antique farm wagons and buggies to a 1926 fire engine and a caboose to a jet plane, this place has it all spread around the grounds and in several buildings. It is like a buried treasure.

They do have limited hours, I called in early June 2021 and was told it is only open 10AM to 3PM Tuesday thru Friday. I'd suggest calling them at 575-461-4201 to check the hours if you'd like to visit.

The museum is only one block north of the Measalands Dinosaur Museum on Adams Street, so it's easy enough to get to .
GPS: 35.174987, -103.723282

Photo(s): 2009



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