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107 W. Old Route 66

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The Strafford Welcome Center in Delp Park next to City Hall on Route 66 was planned to include a versions of the old Frisco Depot, and a picnic pavilion reminescent of the Delp Hotel. They were just getting started when we went by in 2017. I'm not sure when it is open, but the Depot includes public restrooms. Another pavilion is planned that resembled the Bumgarner Store but it hasn't been built yet.

The original Frisco Depot was built about 1917 next to the tracks across the street. I'm not sure when the railroad stopped using it or when was torn down.

The 10-room Delp Hotel operated on part of this site from about 1911 to about the 40s. It was torn down by the city in 2008.

The long gone Bumgarner Store and gas station was east a bit next to the Crawford Cafe beginning at least in the 30s into at least the late 1970s. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Bumgarner sold the store in 1971.

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