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McDowell's Garage

101 Madison, Strafford, MO

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McDowell's Garage opened in 1924 and was still operating as McDowell's Garage and Texaco Station in the 1970s. In the early 1930s it was an Associate Dealer for Marshfield Motor Company, a Chevrolet Dealer from nearby Marshfield. Early on the business was also known as the McDowell Motorcar Co.

xThe front of the garage originally faced Pine Street on the north end of the building, In 1928 a new "front" (shown here) was built on the south end to face. Route 66. The new front included a large drive through area that covered the pumps and extened all the waya across the front, as was common at the time. In 1937 the canopy was dismantled so there was more room for the larger cars at the Pierce Pennant Oil pumps. When we went by in 2016 it was home to the George Door Guy business.

xThe road has apparently been widened taking much of the original drive with ti. The old 1928 canopy probably came close to if not beyond the current curb. By it's location the sign pylon looks like it was installed after the canopy came down.

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