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Milestone Marker & Ghost Signs

1318 E. Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA

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This is a two for one page, you get both the historic Mile Marker and the ghost signs fot Foothill Motors!

The Foothill Boulevard Milestone Marker was part of the Bancroft system of addressing implemented in 1892. It was erected in 1906 when Colorado Blvd was still a dirt road.

The 11 in a circle gives the miles to the old Los Angeles County Courthouse. The 220/222 is the block numbers assigned under the County road-marking system and F.B. is the initials of the rout name (Foothill Boulevard). In 1994 the marker was moved about 25 feet east in a grass parkway strip, the same depth below grade, tilt and distance from the curb as the original site.

xThis Ghost Writing on the east side of the building next to the McDonalds parking lot was for Foothill (Motors) Lincoln Mercury. The McDonalds lot was Foothill's used car lot for many years. In 1963 the sign advertised Lincoln, Comet and Mercury so we know this sign came after then. Morgan Motor Company, the Packard dealer on the other side of Colorado used this site for their used car lot.

In late 1947 Foothill Motors opened their new sales and service headquarters on the other side of Holliston at Green Street . Eventurally Foothill Motors became Pasadena Lincoln Mercury and continued to operate in that store at least until the early 1990s.




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