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Former Chevrolet Dealership

1335 E. Colorado, Pasadena, CA

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The history of this building is a bit hard to nail down. In 1971 F Suie One Co., an Asian Arts and Antiques shop opened here and is still here after all these years. I haven't been able to find out when the building was constructed.

But before that C. S. Mead Motor Company, then the oldest Chevrolet dealer in the world had moved into the building not long after WWII. They seem to have used this building in one capacity or another until sometime in 1960. At various times they also had operations next door at 1355 and across the street at 1338.

Starting in 1946, and before moving to this location Mead had apparently shared the Howard Motor Co. building with the Packard dealership less than a block to the west. That might not be surprising given it was right after the war and 1946 saw the first new cars manufactured in the USA since early 1942. Before that they had been located at a couple of locations a few blocks west of here also on Colorado St.

In late 1960 Service Chevrolet was operating here. I'm not sure how long they stayed but by sometime in 1971 they were no longer using the building.

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