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Whiting Bros Motel

Phone: Now Jays Garage

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This former Whiting Brothers service station and motel was built as an auto court in mid-30s and apparently expanded 1938 to add four more units. In the 60s and 70s both the motel and gas station next to it were operating as Whiting Brothers. At the end of it's days as a lodging business it was the Suncrest Motel according to an old left over sign that was still standing on the corner in 2008.

xBut in 2005 both buildings were a High Chaparral Truck Repair shop, as was the other former Whiting Brothers Station on the east end of town. By 2015 both properties were Jay's Garage and the motel courtyard was clogged with vehicles waiting for repair or something. In 2019 all the extra vehicles had been cleaned out and it wasn't clear that the buildings were being used for business. The white pipe above the canopy was the support fot the tradition long yellow Whiting Bros. sign.

The gas station and are a bit of a mystery to me. That's because Whiting Brothers operated a Ford dealership either in this building or one nearby in the late 1930s, which fits the timeline for when the garage might have been built. The style of the building with large windows fits with the idea that it might have been a dealersip location. The canopy looks like it was added much later in the buildings history. x

I'm guessing that the end unit on the right in this photo was the office based on the large window, now boarded up, facing the street.

Photo(s): 2019



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