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Westerner Motel

500 E. Second St., Winslow, AZ
Phone: 928-289-2825

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The Westerner Motel at 500 E. Second St. (eastbound Route 66) occupies the whole end of the block and has an entrance from 3rd Street (westbound Route 66) . It is one of several mid-century style motels still standing in Winslow. It seems that as of 2015 only 12 of it's 32 rooms were open, and those were rented out on a long term residential apartment basis. Like many of the old motels the swimming pool has been filled with dirt.

The two story building facing 3rd Street contains 19 or 20 of the motels 32 rooms and was apparently built much later than the one-story building facing 2nd St. on the 3rd St. . The pool is on the 3rd street side of the property. The 2012 Historic Resource Survey of Route 66 in Arizona list approximate construction dates of 1948 and 1952, that seems to fit with the different stylys of the 2nd and 3rd Street buildings.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

(1974 Postcard)
Westerner Motel
500 E. 2nd Street
Winslow, Arizona
Phone 289-xxxx
Ref. Air Conditioning
Downtown Winslow
Restaurants close by
On I-40 & Highway 66


(Undated Postcard)
Westerner Motel
500 E. 2nd St.,
Winslow, Arizona
31 Rooms
Doubles & Singles
19 with Refrigeration & Hot water heat
12 with Air Conditioning & Panel-Ray Heat
Tub & Showers or Tile Showers
Wall to Wall Carpeting
Restaurant close by
Phone in all Rooms
All major CCs Accepted
C. L. Kenworthy & Sons owner/managers
Phone 943

Note: C. L Kenworthy bought the motel in November of 1959.

Photo(s): 2009



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