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Winslow Remembrance Garden

Rt. 66 between Transcon Ln. & Cassandra Rd.

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The memorial park is located right where Route 66 splits into 2nd and 3rd Streets on the east end of Winslow features two steel beams from the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City. The rock filled squares at the base of each beam represent the relative location of the twin towers in New York.

The marker reads:

Remembrance Garden

These two steel beams from the World Trade Center, entrusted to the citizens of Winslow by the City of New York, along with this flag that was flown at the Pentagon, stand as the centerpiece of our Remembrance Garden. The words “United We Stand” remind the world that we will not fear terrorism. We hereby dedicate this Garden to Northern Arizona’s promise that


An earlier location for the "United We Stand" with the flag and two steel columns display was at the intersection of Transcon Ln. and AZ 87 (3rd St.) was dedicated in 2002. The monument was moved to its current location in 2012 or 2013.

The other element in the photo above is the Winslow "United We Stand" USA marker with badges for the Winslow Fire and Police Departments on the back of monument for the 1939 Winslow Bridge that crossed the Little Colorado River not far from this spot.

This monument is a section of the original concrete supports for the Winslow Bridge.

The original date stamp for the bridge was cast into the concrete on the support. It's a simple 1939 inside a double circle, it can be seen above the historic marker.

The historic marker reads:

This date medallion is from the Winslow Bridge that once spanned the Little Colorado River on historic Route 66 just east of Winslow. Because the river had always proved a daunting impediment to travelers, this bridge crossing became a strategic juncture in the flow of travel and commerce. Traversing the river by wagon in the late 1800's required a harrowing journey with wheels often bogged down by quicksand. In 1939, when an older bridge had become obsolete, the 26 foot-wide 2 girder Winslow Bridge was built to ease congestion. Over 800 feet long, it was one of the longest bridges in Arizona. The Winslow Bridge continued to serve the transportation needs of northern Arizona for over 60 years and was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1989, but time had taken its toll, and the bridge required replacement in 2005.

The marker on the east end of the Remembrance Garden is for the historic Sunset Crossing. There may be some dispute about the exact location of the crossing. The smaller plaque reads:

Sunset Crossing Historic Site 1-1/2 miles east of the marker

The large marker reads:

This crossing, first noted early in the 1850s in journals and maps of explorers along the 35th parallel, is the only convergence of major travel routes on the Little Colorado River. It lies on the trail used by Mormon immigrants journeying from Utah to Arizona settlements during the 1870's. A rock ledge spanning the stream from bank to bank at this point made crossing by wagon possible. It is said to have been named after Sunset Pass located to the southwest.

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