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Minnetonka Trading Post

E. Route 66. (3rd St.) at Hwy. 87, Winslow, AZ

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The old Minnetonka Trading Post was built in the late 1930's according to the 2012 Historic Resource Survey of Route 66 in Arizona. This short section of the old road was cut off by the freeway when the Winslow bypass opened in 1979. Coming from the east leave I-40 at exit 257 cross over the freeway and turn left onto AZ 87, which is more or less the south frontage road going east past the trading post.

It's a lonely dead end stretch of the Mother Road and the trading post is just a few hundred feet east of the intersection.
GPS: 35.006289, -110.639071

xIt was a trading post, Post Office, gas station, bar, feed store and rodeo/roping arena. There was a bull riding contest here as recently as the 1999 Winslow Heritage Days festival. The gas is all gone though, the underground fuel storage tanks were removed and replaced by compacted soil in 2010.

xThe building has a section faced with petrified wood on the front. The building was needing a little attention and seemed like it had been empty for several years when we went by in 2015.

In one side and out the other, the security grills on the windows haven't stopped the winds of time from ravaging the old building. The buildings and 3 acres of land were for sale in 2011.

Photo(s): 2015



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