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Joseph City, AZ

Established in 1878 as Allen's Camp and located on old Route 66 roughly between I-40 Exits 277 and 274. Several interesting photo ops here.
xGeronimo Trading Post
5372 Geronimo Rd
A large gift shop & restaurant with what they call the worlds largest piece of petrified wood. Teepees and a . ... read more
xOld Fort Marker
Main Street just west of I-40 exit 277.
This marker commemorates the fort that stood on this site. It's between ... read more
xCottage Style Station
On Main St west of I-40, exit 277
This private residence was once a Phillips 66 cottage-style filling station. It is located just west of between Roberson & Shelley Ave. ... read more
xPacific Court's Motel & Cafe
4500 Main St. (Main & Hanson)
Originally Pacific Motel built in 1947. A gas station was added and the motel grew to 21 units. Heritage ... read more

xAbandoned Garage
4467 Main St., Joseph City
This abandoned adobe garage on the west end of Joseph City offered serices like windshield replacement, brake ... read more

Go staight ahead here for a short distance on old 66 to see the next to landmarks.

xHowdy Hank's
Main Street W. near I-40 Exit 274
(RT66 Hay Sales & Feed Store)
In 1950 this was Howdy Hank's Hopi Village Indian Store and . ... read more
xElla's Frontier Trading Post
Main St. just west of I-40, exit 274
In 1927 Frederick "San Diego" Rawson established the San Diego's Old Frontier Trading Post. ... read more

Turn aroud at Ella's and return to the I-40 interchange at exit 274 and cross over the freeway and then turn west on the south frontage road, which turns into the 1922 -67 Route 66, and follow that to the Jackrabbit Trading Post near I-40 exit 269.

xJackrabbit Trading Post
South side of I-40 at exit 269
Signs like this led the way to the Jack Rabbit Trading Post on Route 66 for an untold number of travelers, and it ... read more
xOld Gas Station
At I-40 exit by Jack Rabbit Trading Post
South side of I-40 at exit 269 by Jack Rabbit Trading Post. Just how long is a "country mile"?  Going west, hop on ... read more

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xDid You Know: Many parts of the old 4 lane Route 66 were reverted to a 2 lane road after 66 was realigned to the interstate. In many places the abandoned lanes are still there.