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Jackrabbit Trading Post

I-40, exit 269, Joseph City, AZ
Phone: 928-288-3230

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Signs like this led the way to the Jackrabbit Trading Post on Route 66 for an untold number of travelers, and some still do. This is the original "Here It Is" sign, still standing in front of the store on the 1926 alignment of the Mother Road announcing your arrival after all these years.


Here's a photo opportunity if there ever was one. Hop up on the 12 foot tall Jackrabbit and memorialize your visit forever with a photo! This is the third giant jackrabbit to welcome visitors to the trading post.


The trading post started out as a Santa Fe Railroad building, then became a snake farm before James Taylor turned it into a trading post. Eventually he managed to get billboards advertising the place spread out along Route 66 as far east as Missouri.

The building has had some changes over the years, the large Jackrabbit that lived on the roof has been retired as have all the little Jackrabbits that lined the edge of the roof. For years motorists could fill their tanks with Union 76 gas heree, but the pumps are long.


This neat little mosaic lives in the sidewalk in front of the entrance to the trading post.

Photo(s): 2012

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