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Highway Diner

320 E. Second St., Winslow, AZ

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The Highway Diner is one of the well known series of Valentine Diners. It's commonly referred to as a Nifty-Nine model but that was apparently an early 50s model and the earliest reference to this diner is a March of 1949 request from the Highway Diner to the city for permission to make a curb cut for a driveway off 2nd Street, so that might be about right.

In the late 50s this little 24 hour-A-day diner advertised that it served Mexican dishes on Friday and Saturday. A 1970 ad refers to Davis' Highway Diner and promoted 24 service, hamburgers, chili, and chicken in a basket.

In 2003 it was still open and using the Highway Diner name which was still on the building. In 2009 when the top photo on this page was snapped. The cafe was closed but the highway Diner name was still on the building. In 2008 the owners were awarded a grant for restoration and in 2013 when we went by much of the paint has been stripped off.

It is located on the site of Mitchell's Blacksmith Shop which was destroyed by fire in December of 1948 at 320 E. Second St. directly across the street from the LaPosada Hotel.

x The little diner got a new paint job and the awnings and some outside light fixtures have been removed as can be seen in this 2015 photo. Personally I think it looked better before, even with the faded paint.

Photo(s): 2009 & 2015



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