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Bazell Modern Court

800 W. 2nd St., Winslow, AZ

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In the early 1920s Grover Clevland Bazell established his Bazell Camp Ground here with a store and gas station here. Even before Route 66 was named the number of folks traveling by car was increasing, enough so that in spring of 1924 the camp added 5 new "permanent tents" to the 5 they already had. It must have been a good year because by the late fall of 24 they added 10 actual tourist cottages with plans for even more.

In 1926 the camp got a new owner who added more cottages. The store and station sold groceries, gas, oil, tires, tubes and other goods the traveling public might need. Those new cottages were rented to locals in the winter months. In 1927 they advertised they had room for 500 cars, which I think must have ment camp sites.

In March of 1928 the Bunyun Derby transcontinental foot race from Los Angeles to New York City spent the night of Monday the 19th here before continuing on to Holbrook on the Tuesday the 20th.

It was sold to Robert Powell in the mid-30s and they did extensive renovation and connected the cabins to create additional rooms. They also changed the name to Bazell Auto Court.

That brings us to the Bazell Modern Court name as used by the Vort family who bought the property in 1947.

A couple more new owners and about 1958 H. A. Soenner changed the name from the Bazell Modern Court to the Bazell Motel and advertised the motel as Modern, and offering Reasonable Rates, Kitchenettes, Family Units.

In 1973 the property was involved in a proposed sale to a local merchant and that seems to have been the end of the motel. Most of the buildings on the site have been demolished at some point.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

xThe back of the card reads:

Bazell Modern Court, Winslow, Arizona

Located on the west side of the city, on U. S. 66 at 800 West Second street. All cottages have either tub or shower, some with kitchenettes. All are equipped with inner spring mattresses. Comfortably heated in winter and air conditioned in summer. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Powell, operating owners. Phone 165.

Note: Being owned by the Powells places the date of this card between 1937 when they married and 1944 when Mr. Powell died.

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