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Budville, NM

Budville sits just west of I-40 Exit 104 to Route 66 / Hwy 124. The little community has an interesting history.
xVeterans Memorial Marker
NM Hwy 124, MP17
Honoring New Mexico veterans killed in Khe Sanh, Vietman in 1968. Marker placed in 1968 ... read more
xBudville Cafe
15xx NM 124, Budville, NM
This little former cafe building is on the north side of the road, just past the church ... read more
xCasa Blanca Trading Post
1567 NM 124
I haven't found much real info about this place, but it makes a good photo op ... read more
xBudville Trading Post
1 Mile west of I-40 Exit 104
The old Budville Trading Post (Company) has been around since 1928. A very popular photo stop on Route 66 ... read more
xDixie Bar & Cafe
NM Hwy 124
Established in 1926, next to Cubero Cut-off road. Lots of room for truck parking ... read more
xMidway Bar & Cafe
Route 66
The former Kings Cafe and Bar apparently became the Midway Lounge about 1978, and later the Midway Bar & Cafe.

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