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Budville Trading Post

1 mile W of I-40 Exit 104 on Route 66, Budville, NM

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About 1 mile west of I-40 Exit 104 you come to the Budville Trading Post, originally known as Bud's Service Station. It has been around since H. N. "Bud" Rice opened a gas station and garage here in 1928. After Bud's passing in 1967 his wife Flossie and her next two husbands operated the business until 1994. So the business operated continuously for 66 years on Route 66. Somewhere along the line the name changed to the Budville Trading Company, as seen on the building in these photos. The business appears to be closed.

GPS: 35.069261, -107.525735

x An old style visible gas pump stands out front at the Budville Trading Company.

x When we snapped this photo in 2013 the neon tubing spelling out Budville still mostly there but not in very good shape.

xThere a few old cabins lleft standing on the east side of the station, These may have been rented out as tourist cabins as part of the trading post business.

Photo(s): 2013



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