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Cap Rock Texaco

Old Route 66, Gruhlkey, TX

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A mile or so past Gruhlkey Rd the old Cap Rock Texaco still stands, (that's about 5 miles west of the Midpoint Cafe) on what is now the north frontage road. Percy Gruhlkey built this station in 1946.

xBefore that he had visible gravity fed gas pumps in front of his house, on the left in this photo. That's a 1980 Chevrolet pickup truck parked by the one lonely gas pump that was still standing when these photos where snapped in 2013.

xIn the early the station ran on a wind powered electric system, later moving to a gas powered generator until the area finally received commercial electric service.

But like so many other businesses on the old Route 66 this station closed when the freeway opened. I've been told by locals that the day I-40 opened Percey locked the door and closed down the business for good.

x On our 2013 trip we spotted these Longhorn Steer between the station and the freeway.

Photo(s) 2013



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