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Shoe Tree

3750 E Highway 66, Stroud, OK
Phone: 918-968-0223

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How or why or when this started is pretty much a mystery, but apparently tossing a pair of old shoes into a tree brings great joy to a bunch of people. Maybe they just needed to get these shoes out of the car once and for all! Whatever the case it's become a piece of public participation art, so why not join the crowd? The tree is on private property but it is presently open to vehicles and motorists are invited to hang their shoes. The road is an old alignment of Route 66 and the tree itself is not far off the paved road.

x The sign is small and easy to miss, it is located at the junction of the old and new alignments about a half-mile west of Camp Creek (east of Stroud and about 6 miles west of Depew). The Shoe Tree Trading Post is up the drive to the left in this photo, if they're open stop in and while you're there thank them for maintaining the tree.

Photo(s): 2012



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