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Route 66, Stroud,, OK

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From what I've read a fellow named Paul Hicks built this kids amusement ride train in mid-70s. It sits a few hundred yards east of Graham Road east of Stroud. It’s on the north side of the highway; a livestock corral is on the other side of the road. There is an abandonded section of old 66 on the northwest side of the current road. I've been able to pull in there when we stopped here even though there isn't actual crossover.

GPS: 35.765472, -96.624244

But wait, there's more to this quixotic little spot along the Mother Road. Just behind the locomotive is a great example of the rare and whimsical steel steel cactus!

This poor little calf is still standing so I don't think his apparent demise was the result of an unplanned meetup with the cattle catcher on the front of the Lincoln County Express locomotive.




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