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Glen Mae Motel / Holiday Motel

111 E. Main St, Stroud, OK

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This is the former Glen Mae Motel and later the Holiday Motel on the east side of Stroud. The buildings look like they date to the late 40s or early 50s. I'd guess the name change to "Holiday Motel" came about after the advent of the Holiday Inn chain of motels appeared in the mid 50s. Wasn't uncommon for older motels to make that change in hopes of pulling in a few guests because of the name.

In the mid 1950s the motel was still advertising "Panel Ray - Furnace Heat". At the time a narrow uprightsign carried just the word "MOTEL" running from top to nottom. The sign was centered between the two driveways. What is now an all asphalt parking lot was a "U" shaped drive around a grassy center. The dark rectangle on the end wall at the left was a large window that has been filled in.



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