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Burford Building

214 W. Main, Stroud, OK

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When we went by in 2016 the first floor of this building was being used by Stroud Arts, the second floor was apparently empty. The only thing I can find about Burford is that in 1907 there was a Judge John H. Burford. Perhaps it was named after him.

x In 1992 the Coca Cola sign was restored by the Stroud Library Society. The building has housed the Whiteway cafe in the not too distant past. There is a bit of a ghost sign that reads "Cafe" above the mural if you look closely.

The Stroud Democrat newspaper of September 19, 1913 tells us that Thomas Henderson had just that past Saturday opend a feed store in the building. Feed store and cafe I'm sensing a pattern here. :)

The 1904 Burford Building was built by a gentleman name C. Fuller and is one of many historic buildings in downtown Stroud. There is a date block on the right side of the front entrance.

Photo(s): 2012, 2016



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