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Riviera Court - Holiday Motel

W. Hwy 69 at S. 545 Rd., Miami, OK

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The Riviera Courts-Motel was built in 1937 with 15 units, some separated by garages. The guest units are located in a flat roofed one story brick building that is roughly shaped like an "L" with the tall side leaning back a bit. In the 1950s the name was changed to Holiday Motel, probably to update the image the name gave to a bit more modern concept. It closed in 1978 and is now vacant. It was added to the NRHP in 2004.

The motel is located on the northwest side of Hwy 69 at S. 545 Rd. about 1 mile west of the Neosho River bridge.

GPS: 36.865620, -94.900385

xThe long side of the guest units building parallels the highway.

xThe short side of the guest room building runs at an agle to the highway.

The office and owner/managers quarters were located in a house in the courtyard separated from the guest rooms by a driveway.

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