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Coleman Theater

103 North Main St., Miami, OK
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The ornate Coleman Theater has stood at this corner on Route 66 since 1929. Will Rogers, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby are just some of the entertainers who performed here over the years. The theater featured movies as well as live performances. The Coleman family donated the building to the city in 1989, and it has since been restored to its former glory. The building has mix of architectural styles, a Spanish Colonial Mission exterior and a Louis XV style inside. That came about because Coleman changed his mind about what he wanted after the design process was already underway.

When we first toured the theater in 2016 they were building a set for an upcoming presentation. The Mighty Wurlitzer, on the left in this photo, was built in 1928 and delivered to the theater in 1929. It is the only such 1928 organ in it's original location. But wait! The organ was gone for many years after the silent movie era ended. Fotunately it was found and brought back to the Coleman during the theaters restoration. Originally the theater seated 1,600 but the recent renovation left it with fewer, but larger seats.

The lobby is really opulent and features a stairway to the balcony. We attended a silent movie here in 2017 that was accompanied by music from the wonderfully restored Wurlitzer Pipe Organ. Tours are available, call the theater for details.

Coleman made his money in the Zinc mine fields in the area. So it's probably no surprize that the custom woven carpet featured repeated images of the Coleman family crest which included a pick and shovel. The carpet was reproduced for the restoration.

A historic marker in front of the theater tells its story. The building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Photo(s): 2013, 2016



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