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Public Water Trough

E. Main St. at N. Canadian Ave.

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This is one of four Public Troughs constructed during the 1899-1901 period. It originally was made of wood but was replaced with concrete in the late teens or early 1920s. This one, Well #3, is the only one still left. These wells were maintained by the city. The wells were used by farmers and tradesmen to water their horses when they came to town as well as by town residents. Sometime after 1905 the original well was disconnected and the trough was connected to the city's water system. In 1982 the local citizens erected the sign and it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

To locate it go north on Broadway from Route 66 (US 270) to Main Street then east one block on Main to junction of Main and Canadian Avenue. The trough is on the northeast corner of that intersection.

GPS: 35.631158, -98.315443

Turn around here and head back to Main Street and the 1st National Bank Building.

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