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1929 Phillips 66 Station

310 S. Broadway, Geary, OK

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You have to look carefully to find the 1929 Phillips 66 station here but it's there, or at least what's left of it is. When it opened the Geary newspaper said it was the town's "most beautiful" gas station. Sadly the little Cottage Style station hasn't aged well.

M. V. Crook owned two gas stations at the intersection of Broadway and Route 66 on the south edge of town. In early 1929 he leased both those stations to Lonnie Lowman so he could focus his attention on the operation of this Phillips 66 station.

The station opened on Monday March 4th 1930 and had what must have been a very successful first day. There was a bit of an incentive for folks to stop by a fill up the tank. Each person who bought 5 gallons of gas was given a coupon for 5 more gallons on their next visit. How successful you ask, well according to the local paper 446 people popped in for a tank of gas.

Here's a fun bit of trivia about the opening day. The first 50 customers to buy 5 gallons of gas drove a variety of cars and trucks. The cars included 17 Fords, 9 Chevrolets, 8 Buicks, 4 Dodges, 2 Nash, 1 Whippit, 1 Willis-Knight, 1 Chrysler, , and 1 Star. The trucks included 4 Ford, 2 Chevrolets,, and 1 International.

Obviously the station has undergone some significant changes over the years but the remnants of the original cottage style station, with the gable roof removed, still stand as the office of the station shown here. Look for the lower part of the "chimney" with the round recess in the brick for the Phillips 66 logo. I'm guessing the gable roof went when the service bays were added.

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