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1915 Weber Hardware & Implement Store

128 W. Main St.

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The Weber Hardware and Implement building opened during the week of the 1915 Horse & Colt show and related festivities. Among those festivities was a "Free Musical Program" with orchestral music playing in the afternoon from 2:30 to 5:30" followed by a Grand Free Dance" held inside the new store on Saturday October 2nd featuring "Good orchestra music". But even before that Weber opened the building to school children for a free skate on the nice new smooth cement floor. After all that they put up and stocked the store fixtures to be ready for the Horse and Colt Show.

Weber sold the building in 1918 and it went through a few owners over the years. In 1925, while it was the Milligan-Griffin Hardware Store a large chunk of the northwest corner of the building was wacked off at an angle to allow room for gas pumps. The building was torn down sometime after 2019

In 1939 the Geary Motor Company bought the building and remodeled it to use as their Chevrolet dealership. In 1960 the dealership was sold and it became Becker Chevrolet.

xA few fragments of signage was still visible when we went by in 2019. The building and several other just east of it were torn down sometime after we were there in 2019. That space is now a large parking lot.

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