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1903 Opera House / First Baptist Church

204 W. Main St., Geary, OK

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In 1921 the old Geary Opera House became the First Baptist Church, which still owns and occupies the building. So what happened to the opera, you ask? Simple, the church and the opera just traded places. The old opera house became the new church and the old church became the new opera house.

The church spent the next 12 years remodeling their new building to make it fit their purposes before formally dedicating it in 1943. It only took the Opera folks a few months to remodel the old church, which they promptly leased to a moving picture operator in August of 1921.

Today the cornerstone on the northeast corner of this building reads:

Apr. 30, 1894
Sept. 26, 1943"

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Photo(s): May 2012



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