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1933 Texaco Building

7th & Broadway, Davenport, OK

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The Early Bird Diner was located in this 1933 Texaco filling station when we went by in 2016. It is complete with a large canopy over the pump island and service drive supported by a wide single brick column.


The original pressed tin ceiling was still in place under the canopy in 2016. The canopy covered an outdoor dining area when we were there in 2016.

xThere were two service bays, one on each side of the canopy. Both have had their garage doors filled in, the one on the right with windows only, the one on the left with a window and door. A pair of vintage gas pumps stand on the old pump island at the edge of the canopy.

An earlier location for the Early Bird Cafe is located a block or two north of the old Texaco station.

The sign from the older Early Bird Cafe simply says "Breakfast & Lunch", so apparently their hours didn't allow for serving dinner.

Photo(s): 2016



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