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La Nora Courts

40x? E. Route 66, Tucumcari, NM

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You have to look fast to spot the little (former) La Nora Courts across the street from the Americana. It was mentioned by Jack Rittenhouse in his 1946 Guide Book to Highway 66, so we know it was built before that. The office shown above is the result of a remodeling somewhere along the way. The original office was probably in the Conoco station that stood where the Boulevard Cleaners are today.

The old La Nora Courts Motel faced Route 66, but the current address is around the corner acually on Monroe St.

At least some of the garages seem to still be open as seen in this 2019 photo.

If you go around the corner you find this house with a La Nora Apartments sign out front, so maybe some of the guest rooms have been or were converted to long term rentals after the tourist lodging business slowed down for this property.

Photo(s): 2019



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