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Relax Inn

1010 E Route 66, Tucumcari, NM

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The former Circle S Ranch Court was opened in the early 1950's by John and Callie Sefcik. In 1951 it was recommended by both AAA and Duncan Hines according to a postcard. By 1955 the name had been changed to Circle S Motel, probably to keep up with changing naming trends in the industry. At some point the motel was expanded from 30 to 38 rooms. As the Circle "S" it was listed by AAA and was a member of the Master Hosts Association. Later owners were Ken and Billie Dunlap. It was the closed Relax Inn when these photos were taken in 2012.

What looks like a large chimney in the photo above was added when the name was changed to Circle "S" Motel. That was one of at least four signs locations while it was the Circle "S"

xThis 2012 photo shows the sign for the now closed Relax Inn.


Photo(s): 2012







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