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Aruba Motel / Tucumcari Inn

1700 E Route 66, Tucumcari, NM
Phone: 575-461-0088

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The former mid-century Aruba Motel was one of two motels that Chester Dohrer built, in Tucumcari, the other is the Motel Safari. The motel was expanded and remodeled at least a couple of times over the years having started with 22 rooms, then growing to 28 and eventually to 37. For many years ending in 1999 it was a Best Western motel. Beside all of that there was a managers apartmetment and a Tiki restaurant.

xThe sign in place in 2012 is a poor replacement for the original that featured a couple of Tiki figures.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

Early 60s Postcard
Aruba Motel
1701 East Gaynell Ave.
Tucumcari, New Mexico
Best Western
Area Code 505 - Phone 461-xxxx

Twenty-two (22) Brand New, Lovely, Well Furnished Units
Combination Tubs and Showers
Central Refridgerated Air and Hot Water Heat
Automatic Dial Room Phones
Heated Swimming Pool

Owned and Managed by : Mr. & Mrs. Chester L. Dohrer

Note: The early 60s postcard listed a Gaynell address. Gaynell was the local name of Route 66 at the time. A later postcard listed "28 tastefully appointed unusually well maintained rooms," and also added Cable TV and a "Distinctively different \"TIKI\" Restaurant". It's interesting that the restaurant wasn't mentioned on the earlier postcard.

Photo(s): 2012



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