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1895 Kitchen's Opera House

221 W. Route 66, Gallup, NM

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Zimmerman's and the Eagle Cafe are located on the first floor of the 1895 Kitchen's Opera House building, The Opera House was an important center of social life in Gallup for many years. Weddings, theatrical performances, dances, political meetings, boxing matches and a variety of other events took place there. The Opera Hall closed in 1952.

The first floor was originally occupied by a grand saloon and cafe. Today Zimmerman's and the Eagle Cafe are located on the first floor, The Eagle Cafe has been there since 1922.

The upper sash of the center window on the second floor featured small colored glass panes around the perimeter. The original brick exterior was stuccoed over by the 1930s. The small single door in the center of the first floor leads to the Opera Hall upstairs. According to the NHRP Gallup Commercial Historic District form in 2016 the Opera Hall still had it's "stage, chairs, wood floors, baseboards, beadboard wainscoting, pressed-tin ceiling, and ornate cornice".

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