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Hacienda Motel

2510 E. Route 66, Gallup, NM
Phone: 505-722-5900

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The Hacienda Motel started life as the La Hacienda Court with "Where Summer Nights Are Always Cool" as their slogan. I'm not sure when this motel was built, but an old postcard shows what looks like an early 1950s car. I'm guessing the motel predates the car by several years. A small no longer standing office building, which may also have been the managers quarters, was located in the front of the courtyard facing the street. The office has been moved to the front unit where you see the small yellow sign.

xThe original sign is long gone. Today they just have a simple backlit sign.

Vintage Advertising Highlights

Early 1950s Postcard
La Hacienda Court
One Mile East on U.S. Highway 66
A comfortable motel for your visit in The Indian Capitol.
Rooms with tub and shower.
Family accommodations
Some 2 and 3 bed units
Some Kitchenettes
Some Deluxe units with Knotty Pine finish

Photo(s): 2009



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