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Road Runner Motel Sign

3012 / 3014 E. Route 66, Gallup, NM

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Here's a cool old sign that was just waiting for you to snap it's picture and there was plenty of space to pull in and do just that at Road Runner Motors who saved the sign after the motel disappeared, Sadly sometime after we snapped this photo in 2019 this cool old sign was removed.

The cafe was destroyed in a fire in 2012 or so. The postcard shown below says the motel was "Completely New in 1962", but it's long gone now. . The swimming pool would have been about where our little spring green Toyota is in the photo. The cafe sat on the east side of the motel about where the pickup truck just beyond our car.

xHere's a better look at the main part of the sign.

xI didn't want the stylized little Roadrunner to feel slighted so I'm giving it a photo of it's own!

Vintage Advertising Highlights

3012 E. Hwy. 66
Gallup, New Mexico
Phone 863-****

31 Modern units - Refrigerated Air Conditioning - Thermostatically Controlled Heat - TV and Phones in Rooms - Heated Pool with Sun Deck - Wall to Wall Carpeting - Carte Blanche, Diners Club and America Express Credit Cards - Completely New in 1962

NOTE: This multi-view postcard features the wonderful neon sign in two of the panels.

Photo(s): 2019



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