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Luna Mansion

110 W. Main St., Los Lunas, NM

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In the 1920s the 1881 Luna Mansion was remodeled into the grand building seen today. The house was originally built as part of a trade, the Santa Fe Railroad built it as payment for right-of-way through he Luna family property. The Luna's had owned the land since the 1690s.

The 1920s remodeling included replacing a one story porch on the front with the stately two story portico seen today. A solarium was also added at the time. In the late 1970s or early 1980s the house was sold and converted into a restaurant. Thirty years later the Torres family bought the mansion in 2009 and ran it as a fine dining restaurant before closing it in 2021.

Here's an interesting note about the construction of the house. The outer walls are made of large "adobe terrones" which are dried flat slabs of sod that rests on a foundation of rough stone and adobe mortar. The interior walls are more stick built. The result is that over the years the adobe terrones have compacted and the interior walls haven't, so the floor slope towards the exterior walls.

The house was placed on the National Register of historic Places in 1975.

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