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Wild Horse Mesa Bar / Maybelles Diner

Hwy. 6, Correo, NM

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The links above take yo to west Mesita and southeast to Los Lunas.

The former Wild Horse Mesa Bar on Hwy. 6 in Correo sits at the junction of two old alignments of the Mother Road, the 1926-37 alignment and the 1938-50s alignment and about 1.5 miles from the 1950s alignment.

You have several choices leaving Correo and the wild Horse Mesa Bar.

. The road going west from this intersection crosses a bridge over the railroad tracks and soon turns into a ROUGH paved road that takes you to Mesita.

Or you can go north on the nice newer newer paved road that takes you about 1.5 miles to I-40 and where you can go either west to Mesita or east to Albuquerque.

The 1926 alignment through Los Lunas to Albuquerque and on to Santa Fe goes southeast from the intersection at the Wild Horse Mesa Bar..

The now dead-end road going east from this intersection was part of the 1936 Laguna Cutoff road between here and Albuquerque that became part of the 1938 to 1950s pre-I-40 alignment of Route 66. The Laguna Cutoff ran ran in front of where this building stands and the 1926 to 1938 alignment ran on the west side of the building on what is now NM 6.

xWhen this was the Wild Horse Mesa Bar he tower in this photo held large letters vertically spelling the word BAR. I'm not sure the letters were big enough to be seen from the freeway over 1.5 miles away, but maybe. I'm guessing that in it's early days this was a gas station or cafe or both, in which case that tall sign might have said GAS.

xSometime after the bar closed Bar sign came off and the place was renamed Maybelles Diner for it's role in the 2016 movie Katie Says Goodbye. The canopy was a later addition to the building, but was in place before the movie filming here. The Maybelles Diner sign was installed just for the movie and then left in place when the movie shoot was over.

Photo(s): 2017



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