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Shamrock Court

2238 College Street., Springfield, MO

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The Shamrock Court was established in 1927 according to the sign out front. It was shown as the Shamrock Court Motel in 1952 in an event lodging list. Somewhere along the line it became the Shamrock Motel from which lasted until the 1970s. 1978. That seems have been about the time the place apparently switched from a tourist oriented daily or weekly guest business to monthly residential rentals After that it was known as Stanford Square, and Springfield Realty Co.

There 5 duplex style cottages for a total of ten guest units. The cottages were all still there in 2016 when we went by but they were being rented as residential apartments at the time.

x The brightly colored old style sign says the Shamrock Court was established in 1927. It was showing a bit of wear when we went by in 2016. I'm guessing it was loaded with neon when new, but not any longer. The section on the right with the arrow is a modern addition to the sign.

Photo(s): 2016



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