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Lurvey's Tourist Court

2939 E. Kearney, Springfield, MO

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Burt & Irene Lurvey's 1928 Lurvey Tourist Court on the eastern edge of Springfield included a gas station and six duplex cabins. The name was later changed to the Lurvey Motel. By 1965 it was converted to rentals and now is abandoned. The gas station is also long gone. When we went by in 2016 they were mostly hidden behind a lot of overgrown brush but the brush been mostly trimmed back since then.

x By the 1950s the original wood-frame cabins had been remodeled with the addition of sandstone exteriors in the familiar Ozark Giraffe Rock style.

xThe cabins had been moved to this location from nearby Strafford. As of early 2019 they are still owned by the Lurvey's children.

Photo(s): 2016



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