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Dogwood Park Inn

815 South Glenstone, Springfield, MO

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The former Baldridge Motor Court was opened here in 1939 by John & Hazel Baldridge. After some growth and remodeling it became the Silver Saddle Motel in 1957, still owned and operated by the Baldridge family. The motel was sold and became the Dogwood Park Inn in 1997 after Mr. Baldridge passed away.

It started out with six duplex cabins on a two acre patch of what was then a corn field. The number of guest rooms grew to 24 by 1954 when they added another 24 rooms bringing the total to 48.

xSomewhere along the line a large pool was added in the courtyard. The pool was still there in early 2016 but gone by mid-2017.

When the Baldridges built the first cabins they also built a small Shell gas station out by the road in the beginning. The gas station was eventually expanded and switched to selling the Conoco brand of gasoline. The Silver Saddle Service Station was still operating in 1984.

In the late 1980s they offered western union service as well as a public fax service, 24 channels of cable TV including HBO and ESPN.

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