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Westport Lodge

3817 N Main St., Joplin, MO 64801
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The 1947 Westport Lodge included six small single cottages like this one and one double cottage as well as the office building which probably also served as the managers residence. The office building has either been extensively enlarged or replaced. The original was more the size of the single unit cottages. In 2013 the little stucco cottages were showing a bit of their age, but still standing proudly. The original upright Westport Lodge sign that stood close to the road is long gone.

xThis is the last "Motor Court" of its kind still in existence in Joplin. It is located on the first alternate alignment of Route 66 (Hwy. 43) at W Fountain Rd & Main Street N.

Since these photos were taken in 2013 the Westport has undergone a rehabilitation and reopened as the Enlight Inn in 2017. Rehabbing the exterior of the cottages included vinyl siding and new roofs. In late 2019 the business was renamed again and became the Westport Inn.

Photo(s): 2013



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